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Job Information Food & Beverage Manager For 5 Star Hotel in Srinagar, Oasis hiring for One of the Leading Luxury Five Star Hotel in India. Company Information
Contact Name HR MANAGER
Contact Email info@hotelcareers.in
Since 04/01/2015
Job Information
Job Type Full-Time
Salary Range Per Month
Category Hotel F & B Service Jobs
Sub Category F & B Manager
Shift General
Posted 05/27/2016
Education University - University
Degree Title
Experience 6 Year - 11 Year
Work Permit India
Required Travel
Job Status
Job Status Position Open
Start Publishing 05/27/2016
No of Jobs 1
Stop Publishing 07/10/2047
[Srinagar,India ]

Main Duties:





      1. To co-ordinate an effective and efficient Payroll Management / Resource allocation


      through establishing a flexible work force throughout the Division, based on the


      principles of Multi Skilling and Multi Tasking.


      2. To ensure that each Food & Beverage outlet and banquet is managed successfully as


      independent profit center.


      3. To ensure that each outlet is managed by a Management Team (Outlet Manager /


      Chef de Cuisine) who are totally accountable for their profitability.


      4. To set, in close conjunction with each Outlet Manager, Annual Operating Budgets,


      which will form part of the 


       Annual Business Plan.


      5. To monitor all costs and recommend measures to control them. To establish an


      integrated cost management plan through product lining, minimal inventories, joint


      procurement with sister 


       where possible .


      6. To ensure that the Department Operational Budget is strictly adhered to.


      7. To monitor all cost and recommend / institute measures to control them.


      8. To set and control with the Resident Manager, Director of Finance and Director of


      Human Resources, any incentive scheme for the Outlet Management Team or other


      members of Food & Beverage Department.


      9. To prepare monthly forecasts and schedule resources accordingly.




      1. To ensure that all the outlets and banquet is managed efficiently according to the


      established concept statements and adhere to Company and 


       Policies &


      Procedures and Minimum Standards


      2. To implement a flexible employee base, with the right mix of Full Time and Part


      Time employees. To allocate employees over the Division based on established


      business levels for that day.


      3. To assign responsibilities to subordinates and to check their performance periodically.


      4. To represent the Food & Beverage Department in the morning meeting.


      5. To support staff needs in other Divisions based on the 


       priorities and anticipated


      business levels.


      6. To monitor service and Food & Beverage standards in all outlets and banquets. To


      work with the Outlet Managers, Banquet Services Manager and respective Chef de


      Cuisines to take corrective action where necessary.


      7. To be available and on duty during peak period .


      8. To conduct frequent and thorough inspections together with the Executive Chef of the


      Food & Beverage operation.


      9. To handle guest and employee inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner and


      report guest complaints or problems to superiors if no immediate solution can be


      found and assure follow up with guests.

Guest Service



      1. To establish a rapport with guests maintaining good customer relationship and handle


      all guest complaints, requests and enquiries on food, beverage and service.


      2. To personally and frequently verify that guests in the outlet are receiving the best


      possible service.


      3. To spend time in the outlets (during peak periods) to ensure that the outlet is managed


      well by the respective Outlet team and functions to the fullest expectations.


      4. To be demanding and critical when it comes to service standards.


      5. To ensure that the Outlet team projects a warm, professional and welcome image.

Food & Beverage Product



      1. To frequently verify that only fresh products are used in Food & Beverage




      2. To frequently taste Food & Beverage in all outlets and be demanding and critical


      when it comes to Food & Beverage quality.


      3. To encourage the Executive Chef to be creative and ensure that he operates well as a


      Production Manager. To encourage creativity among the Outlet Teams.


      4. To ensure that employee food is as good as restaurant food.




      1. To ensure that all Departmental Operations Manuals are prepared and updated




      2. To ensure that all Food & Beverage forms and reports are forwarded in time to the


      Corporate / Area Food & Beverage Departments.


      3. To conduct weekly Food & Beverage Meeting.


      4. To ensure that all meetings are well planned, efficient and results oriented.


      5. To conduct daily operations briefing with the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager.


      6. To ensure that deadlines on all projects are met.




      1. To prepare with the respective Outlet teams, a yearly marketing plan for each outlet,


      which is the basis of the Food & Beverage Annual Marketing Plan.


      2. To continuously seek ways to assist the Outlet management maximize their revenues


      and profits.


      3. To monitor and analyze the activities and trends of competitive restaurants, bars and




      's banqueting departments.


      4. To ensure that all Outlet Management Teams and Catering Department are fully


      aware of market needs and trends and that their products meet these requirements.

Employee Handling



      1. To recruit and train Food & Beverage Outlet Managers and supervisory employees


      who are able to work within the decentralized Management Philosophy, following the


      Concepts Statement established and the Financial, Operational and Administrative


      Philosophies outlined above and who understand and support The LaLits Philosophy


      of Multi Skilling and Multi Tasking.


      2. To ensure that each Restaurant Manager maximizes productivity and morale with


      their respective departments and consistently .


      3. To assist in the building of an efficient team of employees through Multi Skilling,


      Multi Tasking and flexible scheduling and by taking an active interest in their


      welfare, safety and development.


      4. To develop departmental trainers, assign training responsibilities and meet with


      Departmental Trainers monthly.


      5. To keep Food & Beverage team up to date with new products on the market.


      6. To conduct yearly performance appraisal and give employees regular feedback on


      their job performance.


      7. To ensure that all employees report for duty punctually wearing the correct uniform


      and name badge at all times.


      8. To ensure that all employees provide a courteous and professional service at all times.


      9. To ensure that all employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to the


      's Employee Rules & Regulations and adhere to the 


      's policy relating to


      Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.


      10. To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.


      11. To project at all times a positive and motivated attitude and exercise self control.


      12. To conduct monthly townhall meeting with the team.




      1. To understand and strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations established in the


      Employees Handbook and the 


       policy on Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.


      2. To report for duty punctually wearing smart attire according to 


      's dress codes and


      name badge at all times.


      3. To maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene at all times.


      4. To maintain a good rapport and working relationship with staff in the outlet and all


      other departments.


      5. To attend and contribute to all staff meetings, Departmental and 


       Training as


      scheduled and other related activities.


      6. To fully support the Departmental Training Function in the Department assigned.


      7. To undertake any reasonable tasks and secondary duties as assigned by the General




      8. To respond to any changes in the Food & Beverage Department function as dictated


      by the 




      9. To project at all times a positive and motivated attitude and exercise self control.


      10. To have a complete understanding of the Personnel and Training Operations Manual,


      Policies & Procedures.


      11. To provide a courteous and professional service at all times.


      12. The list of duties mentioned above are illustrative, and not exhaustive.

MOD Duties :



      1. To assume the functions and responsibilities of Duty Manager in accordance with the


      's Manager On Duty Roster.


Salary:INR 7,00,000 - 11,00,000 P.A. Depending Upon Current Salary, Experience & Designation

Industry:Travel / Hotels / Restaurants / Airlines / Railways

Functional Area:Hotels Restaurants

Role Category:Food & Beverage

Role:F&B Manager



One of the Leading Luxury Five Star Hotel in India.

One of the Leading Luxury Five Star Hotel in India.

Recruiter Name:Suchita Balkate

Email Address:




UG:Any Graduate, BHM - Hotel Management

PG:Any Postgraduate, Post Graduation Not Required

Doctorate:Doctorate Not Required

Preferred Skills

Hotel Management Graduate with Pleasing Personality and Excellent Communication Skill.Presently working as Assistant F & B Manager or F & B Manager in F & B operations From any 5 * Luxury Hotel

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