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'What are the career options in the hotel industry?'


In an online chat with readers, Rony Kurien, Chief Operating Officer, Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa answered queries on career opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry?

From hotels and restaurants to airlines and travel, the industry is seeing a rapid growth.

What are the qualifications required for a career in a particular field within the hospitality sector?

What kind of courses are available in India and abroad that you can consider pursuing?

What are the career prospects available for you after graduation?

To help readers find answers to these questions and make an informed career choice, Rediff.com had organised a chat with Rony Kurien, Chief Operating Officer, Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa on Thursday, July 12, 2014.

For those who missed the live chat, here's the transcript:

Shirish: I'm a 30-yr old computer engineer, but i love cooking. Do I need to complete hotel management to work in a restaurant part-time or over the weekend?

Rony Kurien: Until you pursue a proper course in Culinary , the kind of opening you get may not suit your requirement.

Salim: What kind of questions are asked in the interview rounds while hiring candidates? Are they asked to demonstrate their cooking skills, spread a bedsheet, answer a guest phone call? I'm curious to know. Pls share..

Rony Kurien: The questions depend on the interviewer and the brief they have for selection. Further please note the questions asked are meant to check the attitude , aptitude and General awareness of the candidate.

Vishal: Can you tell me a bit more about revenue management? What does it deal with? How can I pursue it?

Rony Kurien: Revenue management deals with the technique to maximize revenue through Room Sales, Restaurant and Event Space.Hotels usually recruit candidates for the Revenue Department from the Front Office Department and / or Sales and Marketing

Ankit Dave: How to choose a good hotel management institute abroad? Pls share some tips...

Rony Kurien: You need to look at the industry relevance, faculty profile, infrastructure, and job placement record of the institute.

Navin Shah: What are the career options in the hotel industry?

Rony Kurien: Food production, Front of the house, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and Revenue management.

SANJAY GANAVE: What is the scope for career after doing Bsc (Hospitality Studies). Which specialisation if good. Front Office/F & B Service/Housekeeping/Chef or else ? What are the starting salaries and industry where career can be made ?

Rony Kurien: All of these are good depending on your aptitude and personal choice. Starting salary will be Rs.15000 plus based on your academic qualification and experience.

Bharat Rakshak: Besides food and beverages, what are the options available in the hospitality industry that i can consider?

Rony Kurien: Food production, Front of the house, Housekeeping, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and Revenue management.

Hiya: What are the skillsets required for pursuing this career?

Rony Kurien: Some of the skillsets required are: a) You need to be a people's person and be a good communicator. b) You must be passionate about food and beverages .c) You must be willing to work in high performance culture.

Adil: What about bartending? Is it a good choice for a full time career?

Rony Kurien: Bartending is a very good career option but you should be interested in the same and have a good knowledge of mixology and good communicational skills.It is well paying and a very good option for a full time career provided one does a course in bartending from a recognised bartending institute/ academy.

Dananjaypuri: Where can I get information on good institutes for hotel management in India?

Rony Kurien: This information is available on websites like leading hotel schools of the world from where one can choose the institute which awards suitable degree/certifications in hospitality management.

Jeswal: Mumbai University has started a BA course in Culinary Arts. The syllabus looks interesting. Should I consider it?

Rony Kurien: Culinary arts is popular and students who are interested in pursuing the career in the KItchen should go for it.The student should pursue this discipline in a college/ institute which is recognised.

Kaushal: What is the minimum salary of a receptionist in a leading luxury hotel? How can I pursue it? What are the challenges of the job?

Rony Kurien: Minimum of Rs 15,000 plus depending on work experience and academic background.

The hospitality industry has witnessed a steady growth in the last few years.