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Hotel jobs in Sikkim

Hotel jobs in Sikkim

Sikkim, located in Northeast India near the foothills of the Himalayas, is known for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful lakes, and idyllic valleys. More recently, Sikkim has become a top tourist destination, which necessitates skilled hospitality professionals working within its hospitality sector - this article will look into hotel job opportunities available in Sikkim.

Sikkim offers an assortment of hotels ranging from budget accommodations to luxurious resorts, and popular hotel chains include Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, Lemon Tree Hotels and The Elgin Hotels & Resorts - offering employment opportunities ranging from entry-level positions up to managerial roles.

Mayfair Hotels & Resorts is an elite hotel chain in India. Their properties span Sikkim, Goa, Darjeeling and other areas across the nation; one such property being Gangtok's Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino which is popular with visitors while also providing employment opportunities within departments like food & beverage, housekeeping and front office.

Lemon Tree Hotels is a mid-priced hotel chain with properties across Sikkim. In Gangtok, their hotel offers various career opportunities in housekeeping, front office operations, food & beverage service as well as sales & marketing.

Elgin Hotels & Resorts is a heritage hotel chain with properties located throughout Sikkim. Their Elgin Mount Pandim hotel in Pelling provides luxurious lodging that provides many employment opportunities in departments including food & beverage, housekeeping, front office management and sales & marketing.

Sikkim boasts several independent hotels and resorts offering employment in the hospitality industry, such as The Royal Plaza in Gangtok, Yangthang Heritage in Pelling and Summit Golden Crescent Resort & Spa in Gangtok.

Sikkim offers many opportunities for employment within the hospitality industry, with positions like housekeeping attendant, front office executive and food and beverage server being among those available for entry-level candidates. Training may even be provided on-the-job.

Sikkim's hospitality industry offers managerial positions for those with experience or qualifications, such as general managers, food and beverage managers and sales and marketing managers - such positions often require experience as well as education such as a degree in hospitality management.

One of the unique aspects of working in hospitality in Sikkim is being able to work in such an idyllic location. Hotels and resorts throughout Sikkim boast gorgeous mountain and valley views; providing an idyllic backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts looking for work in hospitality. For anyone interested in nature and outdoor recreation activities, Sikkim provides an ideal place for hospitality career growth.

When applying for hotel jobs in Sikkim, there are a few key considerations you must keep in mind. First and foremost is possessing relevant qualifications and experience for your desired position; secondly is maintaining an enthusiastic attitude while showing a willingness to learn; working in hospitality can be demanding yet fulfilling, having such an outlook will only enhance the experience!

Sikkim is an idyllic state offering numerous hotel job opportunities in the hospitality industry. Entry-level positions or managerial roles are readily available within its hotels and resorts, providing plenty of chances to work within this vibrant industry. Boasting stunning natural beauty as well as unique cultures, Sikkim makes an excellent state in which to do just that!

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